Should Designer Babies be Created Through Human Embryo Editing Using CRISPR?

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An introductory video that explains the science behind CRISPR and the creation of designer babies
The case of He Jiankui and the first designer babies

The Principles and Concepts of Bioethics and Designer Babies

Statistics Helping Represent Public Opinion on Embryo Editing

These statistics have been drawn from a survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute in Canada regarding embryo and gene editing. This is how the participants of the survey responded to the presented scenarios and questions, and these have been provided to help show you the viewpoint of others and the general public.


Embryo editing and the creation of designer babies have their advantages and disadvantages. From an ethical standpoint and as a student of bioethics, I believe that editing embryos for medical treatments and diseases would be optimal, not editing for favorable characteristics. I do believe, however, that more research should be conducted to guarantee the safety and health of the embryos. The technology should be optimized to function better because currently there are some limitations and uncertainties that I believe need to be investigated prior to usage in order to uphold nonmaleficence and not cause unintended harm. Using the technology for medical purposes would also uphold beneficence because it would be very beneficial to others and also minimize harm. Allocating the technology for medical purposes should uphold justice. If everyone is able to have resistance to certain diseases and illnesses, then I would say that the technology has been fairly distributed, and this also wouldn’t cause social divisions because all people would have resistance to diseases. Given that the government helps fund CRISPR and the government’s money was provided for by the taxpayers, the general public, I believe that the general public should be able to use this technology for protection against diseases. Determining whether autonomy is upheld or not is difficult considering that the perspective of the baby and embryo is unknown. After conducting research, this is my conclusion on this topic, and I believe that we should increase awareness about this issue, whether it’s through sharing this page or informing others about the ethics behind CRISPR since this technology could be implemented in the near future for various purposes, not just embryo editing. The purpose of this webpage was to increase awareness, and to allow you, the audience, to reach an informed conclusion about this topic after being given the adequate information, and I hope I have achieved this purpose. 


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  1. What is your perspective on the usage of CRISPR to create designer babies
  2. How can we raise awareness about this technology and the possibility of it being implemented in the future?
  3. Has this webpage impacted your perspective on designer babies? If so, how?

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  1. I think this is really cool and I hope one day after much research it could be used to help fight diseases and help people have children. Some people have genes that could be passed on to their child that are not good and would be a burden on them if they have a child and they find out they also carry the gene. But until years and years of research is done, I dont think it should be used anymore.

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