Social Media Influences Depression Amongst Teens Impacting their School Performance

By: Calli


Introduction: Social Media has opened a new world to the current generation filled with endless opportunities. The amount of power in which is held amongst teens nowadays is infinite; however, there is an underlying impact that affects most teens: Depression. According to a survey led by the Royal Society for Public Health concluded that children from the ages 12-14 in the UK experience anxiety, stress, poor self-image, and loneliness, all of which are factors of Depression. Along with the stress from social media itself, that same influence is brought to school with students everyday. For example, one student cyber bullying another student and then that same tension is then brought to school the very next day, resulting in a conflict that most students are aware of because of the quick spread of information sent on social media. The pressure that is induced by this public interaction creates a heavy weight of vulnerability and decreased attention to school.The objective of this project is to uncover the reality in which teens experience everyday.

“It’s very unusual to see changes this large happen in such a short period of time”

                        – American psychologist Jean Twenge

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  1. April 27, 2020 by Andrea Garcia

    Hey Calli! Nice project! Your video of social media and self esteem was very informative and a nice touch to your presentation. Your chart was so shocking and it’s sad how depression goes hand and hand with social media. What are some ways we can minimize that depression?

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