THE PROBLEM: Our voices are still not being heard. Our cultures are still not being portrayed. People still do not know our histories. 

  • Many women still struggle to have freedom and to be heard. Through my brand, I intend to cross-cultural boundaries and recreate “old” trends that used to be seen as repressing towards women’s bodies and innovate them in order to create new fashion. It is finally time for us to be heard and change the on-going problem of not having freedom to express ourselves. 


  • My products are designed to support and help us slowly deal with these continuous problems. Each one of the products will bring some historical component in different contexts: the past meets the present where now, we women, finally have a voice but we are still fighting to be listened to. As for my website, it will be a resourceful place where people are able to familiarize themselves with different cultures and histories from around the world. It will be a conversational and interactive site for customers to connect with one another. Finally, I want to help not only these women but also the countries that they live in. I will do this by donating 15% of my profit to each of the countries. 


WEBSITE PROTOTYPE: Simple but informative. Interactive and resourceful. Full of images and posts about women’s fashion and different cultures. E-commerce source where you can purchase the corsets.
CORSET PROTOTYPE: Different corset types will have different patterns, fabrics, landmarks, and colors from different countries. Above you can see an inspiration board from all the corsets to all the colors and nature that I choose for this specific piece.


  • Corsets: Each corset represents a different country with a different story behind each. They represent the movement to empower freedom of women everywhere. The style of each corset alters from different patterns, fabrics, landmarks, and even nature from each place.
  • Website: My website is a place where people can learn about different cultures, histories, and fashion by communicating with one another. People will be able to connect with others that do not share their backgrounds or similar lifestyle in order to educate themselves about these places and people.
  • Donate: I will donate 15% of profits from the corset to the countries that it was inspired by when designing it. 

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”
Madeleine Albright 


NEXT STEPS: The next steps for me to have a successful start-up is to create a safe and trusted community for my customers. I also will need to collaborate with not only designers and boutiques but also with powerful independent women that are willing to represent the story behind each corset.

HOW WILL YOU GET INVOLVED: I want further help with how I can make it all doable financially wise and how I can bring value to the whole chain involved directly or indirectly. I also want advice on finding the best way to get as many people interested in my website in order to create a place where people can communicate with each other and learn about different histories and cultures from around the globe. I would love if you can leave a comment with any suggestions you are willing to give me and I also appreciate any evaluation or any proposal you may have.


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  1. April 25, 2020 by Renee

    This is a really cool idea and it’s great to see your deeper concept behind the pieces.

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