Struggles of Asylum Seekers: How Can We Understand the Hardships of the Immigration System and Become Better Advocates?


Asylum seekers are people “who have been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence” and is currently present in a port of entry, (UNHCR). However, too often have we forgetten about the background of where asylum seekers come from and just simply classified them as illegal immigrants. Right now, there is a growing humantiarian crisis along the US-Mexico border, and there are thousands of of asylum-seekers waiting for their application to be reviewed. The process for someone recieve asylum status is grulesome and it is extremly rare for someone to actually get approved. This is espeically true in the era of Trump, who issued many policies to curb the number of asylum seekers.  This is a problem we need to bring awareness to.  

In a sea of human beings, it is difficult, at times even impossible, to see the human as being.

Aysha Taryam, Editor-in-Chief at The Gulf Today

What you need to know: 

There are around 56,000 asylum seekers currently living in camps along the US-Mexico border. They are waiting for US Customs and Border Portection officals to review their asylum status application. This is due to the Migrant Protection Protocol, or Remain in Mexico. The policy requires asylum seekers to remain out of the US while the US process their case. This is a huge problem considering that people who are seeking status are people are in immediate danger and living in deplorable camps. I’ll insert two video and a picture for further context.  

The video and graph above shows the gruesome process that an asylum seeker has to go through. To better understand the process and how volatile the process can be, I zoomed in on the family seperate policy that was installed last summer and turned it into a game theory model.  

Video for context
The number shows the payoff for each option that an asylum seeker take
*Note that I didn’t solve the game because I don’t want to determine for the immigrants on what is the best choice

What we can do now

The best way to bring awareness to an issue is through advocacy, and I hoped that all of you will consider advocacy as way to help those in need. I have attached a website with many links to donate, volunteer and help. However, there is also a need to change how we view the issue. Instead of viewing asylum seekers as one group of people, we must become more empathetic and analyze why there is a need for asylum seekers to immigrate in the first place.   



Thank for you for viewing my project on the asylum seeking process. Here is my work cited if you want to find out more.

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