Student Care Rooms at Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School

Student Care: Project Statement

School Crest

This school specifically focuses on creating young, independent, female leaders. It was also built in a low-income community. This school provides opportunities for females, it allows them to gain a good education and become leaders. Therefore in order for this school to be at its best, it is very important for a student to have an improved environment and better study space.

With the importance of mental health to a student’s life and studies, it will be good to consider space for relaxation. Therefore in this project, I focus on building rooms for students to use as a study space or a space to relax during free periods. The relaxing space has as much natural light as possible but also has blinds for times when darkness is needed. This room is located away from distraction and also has some amount of privacy. There are times where students might have a panic attack or breakdown, this room is intended to be a safe space when students need to be alone. The aesthetic of this room has a relaxing vibe; the design includes more neutral colors for this purpose. Therefore, in this project, I have created a safe space for students, with a better floor plan.

Video about Study Rooms (“Third Spaces”)

Case Studies

During this project, I looked into various study rooms for reference, including my own school’s study rooms. I used these to help figure out exactly which aesthetic I was looking for. This led me to create three different rooms with different aesthetics.

Another important thing I found was that these rooms needed to be a semi-private space. I also looked into other study rooms that were much more private and had interesting aesthetics. For example, one that I really liked was a dark room whose lighting was made up of LED colors. It included a space with couches and pillows as well as a whiteboard. These are things I wanted to include in the study rooms I was creating.

In order to create this kind of semi-private space, the three rooms are clustered together, connected to the school by a hallway. This hallway leads to both the interior and exterior of the school. It is also located near the school counselor.

Rough Sketch of Site Plan + Conceptual Lighting Diagram

Design Drawings

The current design contains 3 rooms, each with a different aesthetic.

The first contains a lighter, brighter aesthetic. The second contains a darker aesthetic. The third room is a combination of both

In the model above, the middle section includes hexagons in the image. This is a portion that would be potentially decorated by a student, as a mural.

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