Sustainable Living: Creating An Eco-Friendly, Ethical Closet

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  1. April 23, 2020 by Michelle

    This is an excellent guide. Very well put together!

    • April 25, 2020 by Mahika

      Hi Michelle, thank you for your comment! Was there anything in here that you had not heard about before or would be interested in incorporating in your life?

  2. April 23, 2020 by Ale Cantu

    I a very proud of the work you have created! A former student of mine who studies at SCAD just won this contest and created a platform that I think you might like:

  3. April 24, 2020 by Farah

    Hi Makiha,

    This is an original idea: a guide for teenagers on sustainable fashion. I would definitely consult this guide in my life. I especially like the medium you took in sharing your ideas. It is very well put to together.

    Best of luck!

    • April 25, 2020 by Mahika

      Hi Farah, thank you for your comment 🙂 I’m glad you like the medium and the contents of the guide. Keep me updated on your journey incorporating these things in your life, I would love to hear it!

  4. April 25, 2020 by Shira

    Hi Mahika,
    This is a wonderful guide full of great ideas! One that stood out to me is the process you use with your own closet to ensure that it is also sustainable, and I plan to begin implementing this with my closet as well. This issue is so important, and I appreciate your thorough work and effort towards making such an important difference.

    • April 27, 2020 by Mahika

      Hey Shira, I’m so glad to hear you liked it! I really enjoyed putting the guide together because it’s something I’m so passionate about.
      Definitely check out the sites I mentioned. Depop, Poshmark, and ThredUp especially are ways to find really affordable secondhand clothing from brands you love and contribute to a circular economy!
      Thank you!

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