Teaching younger generations about health insurance: What is important to know about public health insurance benefits?

“It is critical that people enroll in Medicaid so that they have access to doctors and preventative care.  Study after study shows that the longer individuals forgo health care and treatment, the worst their outcomes are and the more expensive it is for the entire health system to treat patients.” – Matt Ritter, Connecticut State House of Representatives Majority Leader

Introduction Video:

What You Need To Know

Quick Facts About Health Insurance:

  • Doesn’t always cover 100% of your costs
  • Deductible: amount you pay for health care out of pocket before your health insurance kicks in and starts covering the costs 
  • Coypayment: a set amount (usually $30 or less) that you pay any time you recieve certain medical services
  • Coinsurance: % of health care costs that you pay after you’ve met your deductible
  • All health insurance plans need to cover the 10 essential benefits and meet certain federal standards 
  • Two types of health insurance: public health insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP) and private health insurance 

To find out more on general facts about health insurance use this link


Source: US Census Bureau

Why is Medicaid so Important?

Video Explaining What Medicaid is in Connecticut
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

For-Now Response: What can you do to learn more?

  • Educate yourself on your own state’s or country’s health insurance plan (who does it cover? how do you qualify for it?) Use this link here to find your state’s Medicaid and CHIP profiles:
  • When looking for a job after college, ask about potential health insurance plans (are you going to be covered…if so, how much would you contribute? your employer?)

For-Now Response: What can you do to help others?

Many people unfortunately either don’t know about how to enroll in their state’s Medicaid program, or are not able to with limited resources that they may have.

Use this link to learn more about engaging people into the process of enrollment into Medicaid


Catalyst Conference Feedback – Health Insurance


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  1. April 24, 2020 by Maya

    Hi Molly! Great presentation. It was informative and it’s especially important to understand how health care works during quarantine. Not enough people have access to health care, and that is something the US needs to fix. I’m wondering what steps you think the country should take to make a difference? I’ve always believed that every citizen should have automatic access to a national health care system that supports everyone equally. Amazing job!

  2. April 24, 2020 by Mutin

    Hi Molly! I found your webpage very informational!. When I saw how many people didn’t have covered health insurance based on the first map you inserted I was appalled. Some feedback would be that it would have been interesting to know how people who did not have covered healthcare were affected when Trump eradicated Obama Care.

  3. April 24, 2020 by Caroline

    Hi! Great work. I really love your use of informational graphics, and I think you effectively summarized health insurance, especially in your quick facts section. As for feedback, I would recommend putting a bit more of your own writing and input just so that it is easier for students to relate and really conceptualize the problem and all its facets. Other than that, though, well done!

  4. April 26, 2020 by Kristina Peterson

    Molly. Thanks for doing this research and sharing it with all of us. I am a teacher at another GOA school and the title of your presentation grabbed me. I think of all I teach but I have never taught about the importance of health care systems. If young people knew more, I bet we’d have different outcomes. Thanks for bringing this topic to light! Do you plan to study in a health related field? You have a bright future – good luck!

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