VoltBuddy: “Does anybody have a charger I could use?”

How can we charge electronic devices in a convenient and secure place while we go through our days?

Here’s the Scoop (Pitch Video):

A quick introduction and pitch of VoltBuddy


Just to reiterate what was mentioned in the pitch video above, my product is attempting to solve a problem that students face every day at school. In my personal experience and those I surveyed, we often use our electronic devices enough during the school day that they run out of battery. Few of us will bring chargers from home and there aren’t any publicly available, so you’re stuck with pen and paper.

The Problem: Electronic device battery runs out, and there is no convenient or secure place to recharge during the day (Many students will not bring one from home).

The Solution: Voltbuddy, a charging station locker that has a charging cord for every device and monitoring properties. Secure and easy to use.

Much like the textbook, a student’s device is an integral tool in their path success and ultimately to graduation.

Luis Freeman

My BMC (Business Model Canvas)

A Business Model Canvas (linked above) is a great tool to help you understand a business model in a straightforward, structured way. Using this canvas will lead to insights about the customers you serve, what value propositions are offered through what channels, and how your company makes money. The 9 sections/categories are as follows:

1. Customer segments
2. Value proposition
3. Revenue streams
4. Channels
5. Customer relationships
6. Key activities
7. Key resources
8. Key partners
9. Cost structure

VoltBuddy Mission:

To provide an easy, convenient, and secure charge solution that comes with peace of mind. Users can safely charge their devices in public locations or schools and track their phone notifications and battery percentage through our app.

Visualize It:


100% Secure:

Lockers are built with top-of-the-line aluminum chambers to prevent theft. We have taken a crowbar to the locker lock and nothing. Those charging devices ‘ain’t going anywhere.

Compatible & Efficient Charging:

Each compartment is equipped with a power outlet and a 2.4 amp USB port, so you can charge almost any device, including iPads, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, Chromebooks and more.


All of our products are now fully backed by a lifetime warranty on the mainframe, electrical and all other components.

Next Steps (Feedback from YOU):


Thanks so much for viewing my page, I hope you enjoyed seeing my ideas laid out. Now is the fun part for you! If you feel so inclined, please fill out the feedback poll above and give your thoughts on whether you think this product would be useful in your community, along with any suggestions you have, or general comments! I appreciate all input.

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  1. April 23, 2020 by Iman

    Hi Lucas,

    This is an interesting idea that you came up with. My school has a charging station, but there’s only one and it has 8 different chords for a school with over 600 students. It’s also out in the open so it’s easy for someone to unplug your phone and charge theirs or even steal your phone. My school is definitely a place where we could benefit from a couple of these charging stations around.
    I’ve seen this idea is some retail stores, and it’s been really helpful for when my phone’s about to die. I don’t need my phone while shopping, and getting in some extra power is really helpful.
    One idea that I’d like to throw out there is the possibility of locking the locker with your fingerprint instead of a code. It would take more fancy programming (I don’t know what actually goes on with finger recognition) and ultimately raise the price of renting one out, but it would make the locker that much more secure and the chances of someone opening your locker and stealing your things would decrease.

    Great work on this project!


  2. April 27, 2020 by Jane

    This is a really cool product that you thought of. It seems if it would be very beneficial to students. I’m wondering if you would have chargers for all electronic devices including different companies such as an android charger vs an apple charger? I’m also wondering if the display of charging information and notifications, which you had previously mentioned, be on the outside of the locker were everyone could see it?

  3. April 27, 2020 by Morgan

    Hi Lucas,

    This project is super cool and has a lot of potential. At my school we have a system sort of like this but there is no app nor a code. Instead of using a code to lock the lockers there is a key, this doesn’t work very well though and all of the keys have been lost. Voltbuddy seems much better thought out and efficient and it would be super beneficial to have at school.

  4. April 27, 2020 by Andrea Garcia

    Hi Lucas! I loved this idea and it will definitely be successful. My school surrounds its education over an online site, therefore having some type of technological device is necessary. A lot of my friends and I struggle with having an 100% charged device everyday, especially when you forget to do it. I liked how you formatted and your paper, in oder to leave the audience with no questions. Great Job Lucas!

  5. April 27, 2020 by Owen

    This is a very interesting project! I find myself running out of battery on my cell phone a lot during school, and it is a problem for me because I need it to let my parents know when school is out so they can come to pick me up. Great work!

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