What are the impacts of schizophrenia and how do they affect people’s daily lives?

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What is Schizophrenia?


Schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses. Many people think it is multiple personality disorder. Schizophrenia is “a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation” (Oxford Languages). Schizophrenia affects 20 million people worldwide. One of the main symptoms of schizophrenia is psychosis. Psychosis causes the brain to lose touch with reality, people will often hear voices in their head telling them what to do, harmful or helpful. Psychosis can be very difficult to understand unless you yourself have experienced it. I want to help raise awareness on how schizophrenia affects people’s daily lives and help people understand what schizophrenia really is.  

What can I do for now?

There are a few things that I can do to help educate people in my community about schizophrenia. One easy way for people to learn about schizophrenia is by watching TED talks and reading up about it. This may help people learn a bit more but I am not sure how many people will actually be interested in doing this. There is a video game I played (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice) where the main character has psychosis, the game constantly has voices whispering about you, mocking you, lying to you, and also encouraging you. The game developers worked with medical professionals to have an accurate representation of psychosis. I felt like I understood a lot more about what it is like to live with psychosis after playing through the game. Although it doesn’t go into schizophrenia it could help people understand more about psychosis which is one of the main symptoms of schizophrenia. I plan on sending out a survey to gauge people’s knowledge of schizophrenia and send a second one after asking them to watch videos and review a few articles on schizophrenia. 


Hellblade trailer link

A few sources to learn about schizophrenia:



Ways that you can help

  • Letting me know in the comments any questions you have
  • Some misconceptions you or people around you have
  • Being more accepting of people with mental disabilities, not just schizophrenia. 


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  1. Hi Nate! It was very interesting to learn about schizophrenia from your project because I did not know a lot about it beforehand. I think a misconception that I had about schizophrenia before taking Abnormal Psychology was that everyone experiences the disorder the same way. But after looking at your presentation, I learned that there are lots of different symptoms and it can impact people very differently.

  2. Hi Nate!
    I appreciate your use of infographics and videos to learn more about Schizophrenia. You did a great job using specific detail and information to help counteract the stigma that currently surrounds Schizophrenia as it is frequently misunderstood (which you mentioned!). Overall I really enjoyed your presentation, great job!

  3. Hi Nate! I really enjoyed your project. I think it’s great that you tied in a personal connection to your topic, we can definitely tell your passionate about this! The way you confronted the stigma and misunderstanding around schizophrenia with backed up research and insightful first hand experiences was awesome. The visuals made the page an enticing read. My question to you is, did you have any misconceptions about schizophrenia that you learned from your own research?

  4. Hey Nate! I really liked your project, I could tell you had a passion for this topic. As well, I found it really cool that a video game wanted to create this feeling of psychosis, I think that’s really interesting. I was wondering, what did you find from the survey’s you sent out? Was it what you expected?

  5. Hey Nate!
    I really liked your project about schizophrenia and how you made a personal connections to the topic. I loved all the infographics, pictures and videos you used to help explain and express what schizophrenia actually is. I also really enjoyed how you added in the fact that many people think schizophrenia is a multiple personality disorder whereas its actually a brain disorder that causes delusions and hallucinations. Overall I really enjoyed your project.

  6. Hey Nate! My name is Taraneh, and I am from the other abnormal psychology class; I really enjoyed your project. I loved how you tried to explain and increase the awareness about Schizophrenia. I believe it is a crucial concept that we should pay enough attention to because, as you mentioned, there are many misunderstandings around schizophrenia. It’s really great that you tried to educate people! Overall I really liked your project! Thank you!

  7. Hi Nate!
    I’m Isa, from another Abnormal Psych class. I absolutely loved reading through your page, and learning so many new things about schizophrenia! I think its a super important thing to increase awareness in regard to schizophrenia. I think its something we should incorporate into schools curriculum. I loved the videos you included in your page, and the images were great reference for what you were saying in your page. Great job!

  8. Hi Nate! I really enjoyed how you talked about the stigma surrounding schizophrenia. As someone who did a really similar topic and talked a little bit about how schizophrenia is often conflated with having MPD/DID, I was really impressed with your level of research. I also liked how you added lots of videos and images (especially your infographic!) and overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  9. Hey Nate, I am also in Abnormal Psychology and we are just coming out of our schizophrenia unit. Exploring your project with that basis of knowledge was really interesting and I feel that I was able to get a lot out of all the resources you included. The Ted Talk was especially informative and really complemented your personal analysis of the topic. Education and spreading awareness about schizophrenia is so important, as, like you said, it is such a misunderstood disease. Really great job with this project!

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