What causes food insecurity and Kenya and what can we do to stop it?

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I chose to study food insecurity in Kenya. This is a huge problem throughout Kenya and is caused by many different things. One of the causes and probably the most significant is agriculture problems. Many people in Kenya rely on agriculture for their food supply because without it they would starve. The issue with relying on agriculture means that they also have to rely on the weather to provide enough rain for their crops to grow. There have been many instances in Kenya where droughts occurred and that made it extremely difficult for farmers to grow crops. The most recent drought was in 2016 and it caused extreme malnutrition for many farmers. Adding on to this, when droughts occur farmers are making a lot less money. They are making a lot less money because when it doesn’t rain for long periods of time the quality of their food decreases. All of these things combined lead to survival being difficult because they aren’t obtaining what they need. Overall, now you know the struggles of food insecurity in Kenya and that there needs to be a fix before it gets even worse. 



Although food insecurity is a hard thing to fix, there are many ways to at least make it better. As I said before, many people in Kenya rely on weather for their agriculture which is extremely unreliable. If they were to grow their crops on better soil and dirt, they wouldn’t need all of the rain they need now because the soil can provide for the crops. More fertile soil will also provide nutrients for the crops and make them worth a lot more money in the long run. Many people in Kenya are using non-organic soil which is causing stunted growth in plants and crops and sometimes even makes them non-consumable. When this happens all of the hard work to grow the product ends up just being a complete waste of time. Another solution could be better government funding for agriculture and farming in Kenya. As of now, the government doesn’t provide enough money for the Kenyan people to even afford better soil and dirt. Everything when it comes to farming is very unaffordable to most of the Kenyan society like the basic necessities, tools, and equipment. We can make a change if we try and put our all in so countries like Kenya can be fed the way we are fed each and every day. 


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  1. Hi Sofia. Thanks for sharing your project. I am curious about how improving agricultural technologies like irrigation could help farmers in Kenya. I am also curious if it is an issue throughout Kenya or just in certain regions. Lastly, what role has the UN or other NGOs done to supplement the funding of the Kenyan government?

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