What Does Mainstream Media Reveal about Feminism in the Spanish-Speaking World?

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The Introduction to my Project

Feminism is world-renowned concept, that is influenced by culture, religion, and beliefs. Today, I will be leading you all in my investigation of feminismo in the Spanish-speaking world. More specifically, I will use mainstream media for this investigation.

Other Vital Questions To Assess:

  • ¿Cómo podemos comprender la evolución del feminismo a través de la historia del mundo hispanohablante?
  • ¿Cómo podemos definir los valores centrales del feminismo, a través de la literatura y  el cine ?
  • ¿Cómo la colonización y prevalencia de religiones cristianos ha influido en países hispanohablantes por la vista de las estructuras de género y movimientos feministas?
  • ¿Cómo ha la representación de mujeres en roles poderosos influye el tratamiento igual de los géneros?
  • ¿Cómo feminismo convencional ha excluido mujeres o otros géneros marginalizados, por ejemplo las mujeres transgénero, personas nonbinarios, y trabajadoras sexuales?

Hispanophone Media and Feminism

For this project, We needed to identify the main themes prevalent in the history of feminism in the Spanish-Speaking World.

The materials that I used were from literature, research, and cinema. For literature, I investigated poetry from Spanbish-speaking feminist poets, including Giaconda Belli and Rosarito Castellano. For cinema, our group chose to watch the romantic tragedy “Amantes”. The movie documents the relationship between an older widow and a young man. Based on a true story, the film was controversial upon release, but documents both the romantic dynamics between men and women, and the role of women in media. As for research, I read a research paper – from Profesor Lamas of the National Autonomic University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

Below is an infographic, summarizing the subject of the materials that I used in this project!



“Lovers: A True Story (1991)”, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101317/. Acceso 5 Abril 2021.

“Marcela Lagarde y de los Ríos: “La ideología patriarcal es uno de los obstáculos más graves para el avance de la perspectiva de género en las universidades”, https://www.unc.edu.ar/comunicaci%C3%B3n/marcela-lagarde-y-de-los-r%C3%ADos-%E2%80%9Cla-ideolog%C3%ADa-patriarcal-es-uno-de-los-obst%C3%A1culos-m%C3%A1s. Acceso 5 Abril 2021.

Rosario Castellano, “Sobre cultura femenina”, 

http://www.scielo.org.mx/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1665-80272017000200035/. Acceso 5 Abril 2021.

Rosario Castellano, “Poesía no eres tu”, https://www.poemas-del-alma.com/rosario-castellanos-poesia-no-eres-tu.htm, Acceso 5 Abril 2021.

Giaconda Belli, “Nueva tesis feminista”, https://www.poemas-del-alma.com/gioconda-belli-nueva-tesis-feminista.htm,  Acceso 5 Abril 2021.

 Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, “Hombres necios que acusáis”, https://www.culturagenial.com/es/poema-hombres-necios-que-acusais-de-sor-juana-ines-de-la-cruz/,  Acceso 5 Abril 2021.

(Video) “Marcela Lagarde: el feminismo es colectivo, ninguna causa la ha ganado una mujer sola”,  https://youtu.be/eZqW8aFzwEI,  Acceso 5 Abril 2021.


Amantes (1991)

My Research Essay

For this portion, I have created a research essay using various forms of media: literature, cinema, and writing (research). The themes prevalent among included radical feminism, the role of women in different Spanish-speaking societies, the romantic roles between women and men (heterosexual relationships_

Excerpts of my Essays

Según Lamas, Castellanos fue apasionada por la destrucción de abnegación de la mujer – la idea tradicional de la mujer mexicana. En su discurso “La abnegación: una virtud local”, Castellanos presenta el feminismo radical, que conecta con la movilización política.
La activista, admite la fuerza de Sor Juana Inés – feminista radical del decimosexto siglo, pero tambien culpa “los antifeministas […] [de decretar] una inferioridad atribuible al sexo” (Lamas).

– Farah Lindsey-Almadani

According to Lamas, Castellanos is passionate about the destruction of the abnegation of women – the traditional idea of the mexican women. In her article “The abnegation: a local virtue”, Castellanos introduces radical feminism , que which connects with the political movements. The activist, accepts the strength of Sor Juana Ines – radical feminist of the 16th century. However, she blames “antifeminists of ordering an inferiority attribute to sex” (Lamas).

– Farah Lindsey-Almadani

Other Projects

  • Group project: Record an interview with my partner. We would interview women (both outside and inside the Spanish-Speaking world on their lives. We would question them about their thoughts on feminism and sexism. Our final video would recorded, and available for viewing.
  • My other personal project: I would record an informational video about Marcela Lagrande and her work for feminism.



  1. Hi Farah! Thank you for sharing so much about feminism in the Spanish-speaking world, I think it is really cool how you included Spanish and English on your page. I look forward to seeing your final video some day!

  2. Hey Farah! This is such an interesting topic. I also really enjoy the combination of spanish and english in your project. I love all the different media on which you have focused. I think your final essay and presentation fit perfectly with the project itself.

  3. What a terrific project, Farah! I loved this bilingual project, and did not know much about feminism in the Spanish-speaking world. I really appreciated your sources being front and center, because now I can read some of the books you read and watch some of the films. I majored in Latin American Studies in college, and wrote my senior essay on anti-feminism in Brazil! There are many similarities across Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries across Latin America, I am sure. I hope you continue exploring this topic!

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