What is the most efficient and accessible way to spread information about climate change?


Climate change is one of the most pressing issues today. In the midst of our global fight against the Coronavirus, people have been seeing drastic changes to our environments, positive changes. Global temperatures are rising rapidly, and many different factors are responsible. If we don’t pay attention now, the harm coming from rising temperatures, whether it’s to humans or the environment, will be catastrophic in the future. 

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During the research process, I found sources that dive into the importance of social media today. Being a teenager, I can also say that social media platforms are crucial to how the world functions. In a previous GOA unit, I interviewed a group of people who varied in age to find out where we get our information from. All generations, including the elderly, use their devices to keep up with the news. In a time like this, we rely on each other’s online presence to communicate and stay connected. After all, you are reading this page on your phone or computer, right? Considering this information, my project revolves around how the modern population receives and spreads information. Today more than ever, the world is in need of saving, and we are the ones to take action

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Obviously, climate change is a very large and urgent issue that needs to be solved. Over-consumption is a normalized habit in this day and age, but there are small ways for everyone to help our dying Earth. For my project, I created an online “postable” graphic that spreads easy and quick ways to live more sustainably! Much like the infographics above, I attempted to design with an intent to “draw the eye”.

By combining the social media and enviornmental sides of this project, I was able to compile an overall product that is very accessible. We can complete the simple tasks and post this graphic on Instagram stories, so we can make a united change to our community!

Instagram: @eliaemerymin


By making this graphic, I could further connect the people in my community through this time of isolation. I highly reccommend trying your own version too! By combining my love for social media and climate change, this project was a fun and rewarding way to educate others.


In the comments below, I’d love to see…

  1. Input on more simple tasks that could eliminate waste!
  2. Any household tips in your personal homes on how to prevent over consumption
  3. Other ways and platforms to share and spread this information to as many people as possible.
  4. Any helpful feedback that relates to this topic or project!

I am so eager to learn from other people who are also making strides to stop the rising of global temperatures. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!


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  1. April 23, 2020 by Morgan

    Your page has great information! One of the things that I like to do is use plastic takeout containers as tupperware instead of throwing them away.

  2. April 24, 2020 by Ozzy

    Great page and project, Elia! I too am part of Sunrise (actually just started Sunrise LA Youth—you should join!) and feel anxious about the climate crisis everyday, especially during this pandemic.

    While I personally believe that system change (things like the Green New Deal) are more effective than individual action (which I also know that Sunrise believes, mostly not everyone is privileged to make individual changes), I do think that it’s always good to be as sustainable as possible. As the infographic at the top of your page mentions, I think changing your diet is one of the best individual actions you can take and is fairly simple (again, assuming you have the means to do that).

    That said, I think your message of individual action is really important when we’re all stuck at home and can’t hit the streets to protest for a Green New Deal with fellow Sunrisers 🙂

  3. April 24, 2020 by Cam

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    Hi Elia! I think your project is really great and so relevant to everything going on in society! The Instagram story post was a great idea, I know I for one see things like that all the time and always find them quite informative. I think one way to spread the word farther would be to use the same post but just put it on different platforms as well, such as Facebook! I feel this would be a good way to help get the message to adults who tend to use Facebook over newer platforms like Instagram.

  4. April 25, 2020 by Alejandra

    Hi Elia! You make a great point when you say that we/people tend to overbuy and then throw away excess things and food. I have noticed that with the covd19 contingency I am more aware of the food in the fridge and try to make sure that it is consumed before it goes bad and then when I need to buy more perishables, to try and get only what is truly needed and not buy in excess. Congratulations on your page!

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