~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What were Banana Republics and what was the role of women in them?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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By Nelson L. and Kelan M.


This project has several aspects from which to view it: the Banana Republics themselves, and the Women in it.  For the Banana Republics, we look at the people leading them, the countries that became Banana Republics, and the companies that caused the countries to become Banana Republics. For the women, we look at what they did and how they were treated. 

To study both of these aspects we did several different kinds of work. To establish our base knowledge for both topics our group started by creating slide decks on each topic. Then, after using that base knowledge we created a propaganda poster from the perspectives of both the women and BRs as an application of what we just learned. Additionally, we plan to make a website as a catalog for all of the recorded slide decks (and the slides themselves) alongside the propaganda posters they inspired. This will make it so that other people can use the research we did to help further whatever use they might have for it.

Most of the work this project entailed was the research and analysis, and with this particular topic, there was an upside and a downside while completing that work. Due to the fact that events being researched occurred fully in the past, all of the information found is useful and up to date. Several of the other projects I am familiar with revolve around information that is still being debated and discussed, but since ours is in the past, the chance of a major shift in the basis in the topic is far less likely. On the other hand, the sands of time can hide a lot of information. A lot of record-keeping during the time period we are studying is far less sophisticated and detailed than what we have now, as well as not everyone had equal access to making sure their side of history was recorded. This means there could be holes in the research that we do not know about simply because the information and any clue of its existence have been wiped away, or never recorded. That last part is a big problem because many of the women in Banana Republics were prominent protesters, and many of the protesters to the BRs were poor sharecroppers who were being exploited, and because of those conditions it was very difficult to document their experiences and all that we have is the international coverage of those women.

This is a video explanation of our project, as well as what we like about it.

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  1. Hi Nelson and Kelan, thank you for sharing about this topic at the Catalyst Convention! I learned a lot about Banana Republics and their mistreatment of their women workers, I wonder if that same mistreatment happens in their department stores, is there a number for how many women are in leadership positions at the Banana Republic? Is only the factory side of BR corrupt or are their stores as well?

    Thanks for sharing,

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