Why is water scarcity is often times the beginning of poverty?

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Water scarcity in Africa is one of the most prominent issues, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo specifically, there are about 51 million people that are forced to drink dirty and contaminated water because they do not have basic access to safe water sources. Drinking contaminated water puts individuals at risk for diseases that can be deadly, and in the DRC, it is typical for one in ten children to die before their fifth birthday as a result of deadly diseases contracted from water. Additionally, lack of water does not allow for people to wash their hands, and because of our current state of a pandemic, this allows for the easier spread and contraction of COVID-19 within these societies. Water scarcity is a huge contributor to poverty cycles in Africa because without water it is hard to maintain sufficient agriculture that will feed populations, to maintain a good education when there is a need to travel for water, and to maintain good health when consuming either little water or contaminated water. The role of collecting water is typically put on the women in a household, meaning that they are responsible for missing school or work to travel long distances to a water source to fill large basins of water and bring them back. This is a tasking job that can take a good portion of the day, and as a result the girls having to do this are lacking a proper education and/or are missing opportunities to make money at a job. Along with this, this task is physically draining because of the long walking distances, heavy loads, and lack of sleep that comes as a result. Additionally, the girls and women who are taking these excursions have an increased chance of getting assaulted or sexually assaulted because they are put in vulnerable situations when walking while dark in unpopulated areas. Lastly, as climate change continues, all of the problems listed above could increase and walking distances will increase as well. The lack of water has a ripple effect and causes an abundance of issues, and together as we educate ourselves, we can work towards solving this problem.

My Solution: The Water Project


Closer Water Sources mean…

A chance for communities to break the poverty cycle

Closer Water Sources mean…

Less people will get sick from drinking contaminated water

Closer Water Sources mean…

More females will get an improved education because of shortened walks to water

Closer Water Sources mean…

More people will get access to the basic necessity that is clean water

Donating just $68 will provide water to two people for LIFE.

Donating with a group of friends, a family, or a school would make a tremendous impact on the ongoing issue which is water scarcity, and spreading the word of The Water Project could make a huge step towards solving this issue.

  • Learning that $68 could make such a big difference inspired me to share this website with the hopes that the current viewer will consider donating and/or sharing this link
  • The website has an option to create a fundraising campaign
  • This is a good option because anyone, anywhere can connect to this website and make an impact on this issue from anywhere around the world

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  1. Hi Avery! This project was super informative and I appreciate how you included ways to help while also putting the solutions and scale of the problem into perspective. I also learned a ton about how the water crisis has worsened the pandemic. Really great work!

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