Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

And Alternatives For Limited Space

Much of the food we eat every day is produced in ways that are bad for the environment, are unsustainable, treat their workers poorly and other issues. This is why it is important to use as many homegrown products as much as possible.

So, do you know where your food comes from?

Not many people are aware of how bad a lot of the industries that produce our everyday products are and where those products really come from. This is a problem because, as the consumers, we need to be more aware of these types of things. At the moment, large companies aren’t willing to spend the extra money to become more sustainable and treat their workers better. But as a consumer, you can choose to grow your own fruit and vegetables in order to not only improve the environment but also provide healthier and fresher food for yourself.

This is something that you can start doing quite easily by simply buying seeds and looking up on the internet how to run your own garden. But this becomes complicated when you have nowhere to plant your seeds if say you don’t have a backyard or you live in an apartment. That’s why you need an alternative, a compact way to grow your own cooking herbs, and vegetables.

I wanted to design a way for this to be possible, so I began to design it. The first things I looked at were other products that were trying to achieve a similar goal, which I couldn’t actually find much of.

Here is an example of a seed pod which is similar to something I want to create. I like the simple design but I also think that the product is lacking that edge, it’s too plain and it feels like it needs something else. I don’t want my mockup to simply just be a box, I want to give it an interesting design. I also think although this product is compact, it lacks a bit of functionality. I feel like it could definitely do with something that makes it have a bit more functionality. One thing I really like about is its simplistic logo on the paper, so I’m going to design my own logo for my product.

The next things I looked at were other infographics. I first searched for ones that were trying to raise awareness about my cause.

This infographic was designed during WWII in Britain to raise awareness about the importance of homegrown food during shortages. I like the way it shows the contrast between homegrown and a shipment of food, and the visual balance is pleasing to the eye.

Next, I looked for inspiration in general infographics. That’s when I found this design from @welovewebdesign ‘s Instagram account.

Even though it has nothing to do with my product I really like the style of it. I like the design’s simplistic manner and I may play with a few key elements of it in my own designs. I like the way it uses a solid color in the background then provides one key image to contrast against it. I also really like the white drawing additions to it, with the handwriting type font, gives it an interesting feel. I might use this white drawing/handwriting style to add a few details about the specific parts of my design.

After that, it was time to start designing! I started off by simply sketching my initial ideas and logos. I wanted to create a logo because I thought it would ground my product, giving it an identity. Here are my initial 3 sketches for the logo.

I also did initial sketches of the two final products I want to create mockups for. The first one is a large one that can be put on any surface, and has a greenhouse top made out of recycled plastic bottles. This keeps the plants warm in any temperature, helping them to grow.

I also did sketches for another, mini version of the micro farm. This one would attach to fridges and would mostly be for micro greens and herbs.

After that I asked a few people to give me feedback on the logos so I could decide which one to finish off. Most people said the simple one with text was the one that was the best suited for an icon. So I went with that, here’s my final version of the logo.

I also then went on to finish the graphic/poster for the larger product.

Now, here’s where I need your help! I want to know your feedback, whether this is a product you would use, or if there’s another solution to this problem that you have seen! I would really appreciate if you took the time to give me your feedback below!

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