Will you believe me if I said your investment will double in 3 Years?


Turbo Engineering

What we do at Turbo engineering. we will be putting up a production plant. where we will be producing flatbed carriers for trucks. The industry that I am targeting is the production industry. I have added some images below to give an example of how my productionline is going to look.

How will my products look. This is question all of you will have when your looking at my blog, to clear this I have added some images of my products.

This will be our main product but I will be making client specific designs. we will have over 100 authorized designs.

Let me explain why my idea will work. This business proposal is very centered to India. It will currently only work in India. As most producers in this industry are only using man power. They work with single workstation. Which makes their production very slow, they can produce only up to 10 truck beds a month. My goal is to produce about 100 trucks a month. This is the big difference I am going to have in Turbo Engineering. To further understand I have attached my BMC Below.


Here is a google survey that would help me to further understand my customers.

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  1. April 26, 2020 by Shari Abbott

    Thanks Mitch, your links above do not work, so I cannot see your specifics or your google survey. I find your proposal nicely clear in it’s goals and reasoning. I wonder why you think there are no threats: is a threat a competitor? a market influence? I imagine that governmental regulations of factory creation or hiring engineers and others capable of creating truck beds with 100+ designs may not be threats, but may be short term challenges. I also wonder how you know this will only work in India. What would a model look like with different work stations? That sounds like a radical change that you believe will level up your production output much higher than your competitors. Congratulations on getting this project completed.

  2. April 26, 2020 by Pranav Unni

    Mitchell, I also wasn’t able to open the links you had posted. I found the project very interesting and something I have some ideas about. The video was really helpful as it went through the project and what you are trying to convey. I am wondering how this is only possible in India, is there no other way it can be utilized in other countries where manpower is greater. Great job Mitch!

  3. April 26, 2020 by Harish

    Hi Mitch, your business proposal is clear and you are straightforward in what you need to make this proposal a reality. I think your proposal has the qualities that is necessary to make it a reality – passion and the strive to make the product better. However, I was wondering how you arrived at the amount of laborers and other stuff. Is there any meaning behind it?

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